Health benefits of walking Barefoot (earthling/Grounding)

Health benefits of walking Barefoot (earthling/Grounding)

◾Walking barefoot might be something you only do at home. 

◾But for many, walking and exercising barefoot is a practice they do daily.

◾When a toddler is learning to walk, parents are told to let this process happen naturally, and without shoes.

◾That’s because shoes can affect how a child uses the muscles and bones in their feet.

◾Kids also receive feedback from the ground when they walk barefoot, and it improves their proprioception (awareness of their body in space).

◾As a child gets older, we shove their feet into shoes and lose the benefits that come from walking barefoot.

◾That’s why advocates of barefoot walking and exercising are pushing back on wearing shoes all day long and encouraging all of us to let our feet be free.

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