Turmeric and Honey : The Most Powerful Antibiotic

Turmeric and Honey : The Most Powerful Antibiotic 

◆ The antibacterial effects of honey and the anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric are enhanced when combined. 

◆ They can work together to combat a variety of human bacterial and fungal species that cause sickness. 

◆ When these two are combined, they create a mixture that is even more effective at fighting infection than either one alone.

What you need :

¼ cup of organic honey.

a teaspoon of turmeric powder.

Preparation :

 ● In a mixing bowl, combine the honey and turmeric. 

 ● Cover it with a towel and keep it at room temperature. 

● Stir it well before using it. 

● As an extra tip, you can add a little black pepper or coconut oil or a little lemon juice.

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