Prediabetes : Risk Factors & Warning Signs

 Prediabetes : Risk Factors & Warning Signs

Unhealthy Diet:

Diets high in sugar and processed foods raise your blood pressure and increase your level of bad cholesterol.

Excess Weight:

If you're medically overweight, you're at a higher risk for developing prediabetes. This is especially true if you carry too much weight in your abdomen.

Family History:

Prediabetes has a hereditary factor. If someone in your family has or has had type 2 diabetes, you are more likely to develop prediabetes, though this is often more a result of shared circumstances and learned behaviors than genes.

Advanced Age:

The older you are, the more you're at risk. At age 45, your likelihood of developing prediabetes starts to rise, so make sure to have your blood sugar checked during your medical appointments.


Nicotine decreases the sensitivity of your cells to insulin, which raises the glucose in your blood.

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